Personalize Your Sales Experiences

Align sales and marketing with one platform for dynamic account based sales success.


Account based is a customer centric approach to sales and marketing. Optunl ABM enables your team to deliver the most impactful message, to the right decision maker, at the right time.

How It Works

CRM OnBoarding

Track and score your leads and visitor’s intent based on their experiences with your collateral. Allowing you to segment and discover leads by:

  • Campaign, persona, or visit behavior
  • Funnel stage, company size, or industry
  • Title, role, or account type

Increase Advertising Effectiveness

Proactively target the exact right accounts and decision makers on leading websites to increase demand and sales opportunities:

  • Define targets audiences by crm data, email, persona, or account
  • Reach in-market buyers based on IP address activity
  • Customize sales experiences with web personalization and automation

Personalize Experiences

Increase loyalty and conversion by dynamically personalizing your prospects web experiences. Improving and refining your value propositions by:

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Dynamic Content Offers
  • Personalizing Landing Pages and Email

Create A Smarter Sale

Enable sales teams by establishing and creating predictive triggers for suggestive outbound success.

  • Prioritize outbound sales activities
  • Trigger sales automation campaigns based on behavior
  • Create sales alerts for priority account activity

Define & Measure Campaign Goals

Instantly access, measure and report sales metrics by each account or campaign. Creating a direct connection between sales and marketing efforts, and most importantly your prospects or customers.

  • Quantify leads in target accounts
  • Qualify leads in target accounts
  • Score account engagement
  • Measure revenue and pipeline value

Your customers and prospects are moving targets, requiring constant innovation and increased cross-device expierences. Personalization will help you get the most engagement from every interaction and maximize the ROI of your campaigns.

Optunl helped us bring our sales funnels online by implementing a content strategy to generate leads and engage prospects throughout our sales cycle. KEN SAITOW, President & CEO, CAREWIRE
Optunl developed our data-model for the priority sales prospects and automated a series of personalized messages to generate sales-ready product demos. Jeff Croy, President, Yo-Fi Wellness

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